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Press Release - Malta Chamber of Construction Management

In light of recent tragic events that hit the construction industry, the Malta Chamber of Construction Management would like to emphasise the need for professionalism within the construction industry.

During the previous months, the chamber concentrated on raising the quality standards through several channels, emphasising the need for further professional development.

Obtaining a degree is good but not enough. The construction industry is continuously evolving, thus, all the stakeholders working in it, and this includes the members our chamber represents must make sure to remain alert and upscale their knowledge by further training.

 Corradino building tragedy. Photo: CMRU, Malta Police Force
Corradino construction tragedy. Photo: CMRU, Malta Police Force

One of the main responsibilities of the Construction Project Manager is the setting up of a Quality Assurance structure that monitors all the activities that will be taking place during the whole life cycle of the development.

Make sure that all the stakeholders involved are following the checks and balances set at the early stages of the development. Unless such a professional is in place thus taking responsibility of this process, the probability of accidents to happen, increase.

As a result, rather than having professionals who work in `silos, it is clear that the industry requires professionals that work together and hand in hand. Professionals that concentrate their efforts and expertise in their specific fields, thus creating an environment that once these specialisations and knowledge are combined, results of the highest quality are achieved.

The construction industry cannot keep accepting mediocrity and poor quality. The price being paid is too high.

Jesmond Chetcuti

President - MCCA


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