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Breaking Stereotypes in Professions

The aim of this photographic exhibition is to break the perception that certain professions are stereotyped based on gender, orientation, physical appearance and stature, spiritual/ religious beliefs, race and ethnic origin, socioeconomic background and more. The Malta Federation of Professional Associations, MFPA, wants to show that where there is vocation towards a specific profession, no individual should feel that it is not the right profession for them simply because of some stereotype that society might have attached to that profession.

This exhibition features how local professionals have broken a believed stereotype in their respective profession. Individuals who help others with mental health difficulties, are not precluded from suffering mental health difficulties themselves. A physical disability does not mean that one cannot practice the profession they love or studied for. Being a male does not mean that you cannot embrace a healthcare profession addressing children. Having tattoos certainly does not mean that you cannot be a professional. Females should definitely not feel precluded from pursuing a profession which is typically predominantly pursued by males.

MFPA chose to portray this exhibition during EuroPride 2023 to further show its belief in the importance of inclusion and diversity.


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