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About Us

Your reliable go-to platform created by industry professionals in Malta. was created by industry specialists who have been in the sector for over fifteen years, a concept that has been in development for two years and launching in 2022.


Unfortunately, misinformation, lack of information and substandard quality, together with a lack of exposure to innovations and sustainable solutions have become somewhat common and sadly expected in the industry of Interior design, Architecture and Construction in Malta.


What do we do? We research local and global suppliers and innovations to bring fresh solutions to industry professionals as well as home and business owners. We have factual information provided by specialists in the field.

At, we only accept and profile licensed tradesmen, qualified, warranted, and experienced service providers and professionals depending on their services and trades. We have a serious vetting process. This is to assure that the professional, as well as the home and business owner, has a dependable source to build their truly verified team for their own project.


They have - You have provides the opportunity for companies and professionals to be represented in our detailed Profiles, from Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Interior and Structural Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Companies, Notaires,  Local Craftsmen, Finishing Contractors, Carpenters, Artists, Restorers, Furnishing Companies, Landscapers, Plumbers, and so much more.

Contact us to enrol is proudly supported by:

Building a community of trust and sharing factual information means we work closely with the entities and NGOs that support and stand for the environment, heritage, and high-quality standards in the professional fields of Engineering and construction management. is proudly supported and works in collaboration with The Malta Chamber of Engineers, The Malta Chamber of Construction Management and Flemkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar. 

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