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Vera Sant Fournier

Vera Sant Fournier - Interior Design Studio

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"Established in 2009 by the eponymous Vera Sant Fournier – the founder and creative director of the studio– this design firm has become one of Malta’s foremost voices for artistically designed and bespoke interiors. Fundamentally, the founder's love, passion, and determination have created an atmosphere of serious attention to detail within the team, with every professional within its ranks able to both pay attention to the bigger picture and use a fine brush to make even the smallest of elements shine. Each of these elements, it promises, will reflect the client as a person and exactly what the client came to it asking for. The Vera Sant Fournier pedigree is one of celebration of human individuality. With architects, designers, suppliers, and visualisers from the United Arab Emirates and Europe further afield, all work hard to deliver the unique space that Vera Sant Fournier’s client deserves, one that will merge the perfection of the professional with the passion of the personal." - Lux Life Magazine (United Kingdom)


Vera Sant Fournier

+356 99650474

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Certifications and Experience: 

  • 15 Years+ Experience

  • Autocad Certified (I.C.E)

  • Art & Design Foundation (MCAST)

  • MCCA - You Trust - Service Provider 

  • Eric Brough Workshop & Masterclass in Islamic Geometric Design - Doha, Qatar (Galaxy Academy)

  • Judge in The Malta Real Estate & Property Awards 2021

  • Energy & Water Services Certification

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"Having Chosen Vera Sant Fournier to design my bedroom was certainly the best choice I did. The whole process was very professional and she listened carefully to what I wanted. Once the design was ready I was over the moon! everything we had spoken about was there and more. All the textures and different materials came together beautifully. I'm so very grateful. May I add it was a joy working with such a lovely soul."

Rebecca Arpa - Master Bedroom Design 

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