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As a dedicated platform in Interior Design, Architecture and Construction, as a platform that profiles the true professionals in the industry, it is no rocket science as to why leading companies and individuals in the industry choose to recruit their team through the platform. We serve as a specialised gateway that connects the public with the best of Malta’s Interior Designers, Interior and Structural Architects, Construction Companies, and other associated Businesses and Professionals. is your Blue Print for success.

Through our vast knowledge and collaborators we verify the CV's we scout for you, we filter what is not viable and send you only the candidates which fit your criteria. We boost the search with dedicated filters to reach only the job seekers who fall in line with your requests. We basically do all the work and send you only quality CV's, saving you time and money - the rest is up to you. Start your growth with us, it is that simple. 

How we work

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Check out the lates vacancies in Malta and Gozo in the vast industry of Interior Design, Architecture and Construction in Malta and Gozo

Our Clients

"We had our first property staging today and the candidate did a great job, they went above and beyond, Thank you!"

Sean Busuttil Cordina

Priority Listing Manager - Remax Malta

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