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Ventilaturi – a “Breath of Fresh Air”

In fact, “Ventilaturi” is the telltale name of a relatively new venture created after real-life experiences by a couple who actually struggled and failed to find stylish vent covers when refurbishing their house. They ended up custom making their (vent) covers, whilst instantly recognising that the Maltese market is lacking stylish, modern vent covers that complement the rest of the interiors.

They wanted to revamp what is probably one of the most neglected corners in Maltese homes. The local climate, whether in the hot summer months or in the cold winter ones, both seasons marked by varying humidity levels, underscores the importance of installing vents; however, until recently, vent covers were only functional, with little or no style. The Saids wanted to change this.

Air vents never looked this good in Malta
Air vents never looked this good in Malta

Ventilaturi’s names of their creations reflect the variety in style: modern, floral, eclectic, Victorian and more, to try and satisfy everyone’s tastes. From time to time, they introduce new patterns for more variety and thus a better choice. The names are usually inspired by what they perceive in a particular design. An example is Ventilaturi‘s heritage model in which they portray the traditional Maltese wrought iron artisan’s work.

Various materials are used in the production of Ventilaturi’s air vents, both for exterior and interior cover, mindful of the varied climatic conditions of Malta’s interiors. Different materials are also used to complement the variety in interior decor. For example, Ventilaturi’s wooden vent covers complement the beautiful houses of character or townhouses, whereas their white ABS vents are more minimalistic and go better with a modern style. On the other hand, the aluminium or galvanised steel vents are also suitable for outside as they are weather resistant.

In this day and age of concern for climatic changes, it is important to point out that though Ventilaturi’s air vents are made to last, if clients wish to replace them, perhaps with different designs or materials, all the discarded materials used are recyclable, and clients are encouraged to dispose of them in the proper way.

At present, Ventulaturi is working on more vent cover designs and they are also working on a different product which they hope is welcomed with the same warmth the vent covers were. They invite us to “stay tuned”!

In reflection on the present and future of Maltese tradition in conservation and new construction of residential and business, Ventilaturi believes that one needs to find the right balance between the preservation of our traditions and the comfort and style of modern materials and finishes. This is being promoted by the development of their vent covers. Unfortunately, some new buildings are eliminating the vents, eliminating also the benefits of natural air circulation they provide to our homes.

“Instead of eliminating vents, let’s dress them up with beautiful covers!” conclude these enthusiastic and creative designers.


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