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Sara J Stoinska, Founder & Interior Designer at InteriorsBy.SJS

Professional Interior Design points to the importance of education and experience to ensure that, in designing any site, any corner in a residence or business establishment, for example, functionality and comfort are inbuilt. Sara J Stoinska, Founder, Interior Designer and Stylist at InteriorsBy.SJS

Sara J Stoinska is an eclectic interior designer and stylist who is relatively new to the local scene. In fact, InteriorsBy.SJS is a new “business” on the island with an interesting, growing portfolio of residential and commercial projects, executed by Sara and her team of talented people with different backgrounds and skills but sharing the same goal.

Sara Stoinska, founder at InteriorsBy.SJS Malta Interior Designers
Sara Stoinska, founder at InteriorsBy.SJS

Sara describes herself as one who tries to see beauty in everything. She enjoys travelling, culture, and art, practices dancing, and admiring photography and videography. She describes herself as a

“Deep thinker. Food lover. Always ready for a challenge”!

The creation of something special is what drives her the most. Sara, a Polish and English language native speaker, has always had a passion for interior design.

As a child, she would flip through magazines and catalogues, dreaming of creating something enjoyable to look at. At the time, she was not even aware that there was the possibility of working in Interior Design, “And I am glad there is, of course!”.  She believes that growing up in a family that is artistically and. musically talented, has helped her too. 

Sara, who recently obtained the UK National Design Academy Diploma in Professional Interior Design points to the importance of education and experience to ensure that, in designing any site, any corner in a residence or business establishment, for example, functionality and comfort are inbuilt. In addition, today there is wide access to dedicated media platforms that keep one abreast of current trends, such as palettes of colours and other parameters to ensure that a design is also aesthetically pleasing.

InteriorsBy.SJS Sara Stoinska
3D visual of a Master Bedroom designed by InteriorsBy.SJS

But, what inspires Sara in initiating and completing a design? “Vision and happy souls”, she declares without hesitation.

Her inspiration begins with literally anything.

She is a deep thinker, and enjoys listening and finding beauty in everything; these three qualities when combined together definitely keep her inspired and motivated. She approaches each project as if it were her own, therefore she ensures that she gets to know her clients just a little bit more than on a business level and listens to their vision. This is what keeps her going until the end. The goal of InteriorsBy.SJS is to transform a virtual concept into reality.

Interior Designers Malta  Sara Stoinska InteriorsBy.SJS
Waiting area with a children’s corner, designed by InteriorsBy.SJS

A common denominator in Sara’s projects is to go by "The less, the better",

Because she loves spaces that are designed in a minimal and clean style. Of course, she tries to adapt to each clients vision rather than impose her personal taste, but she confesses that she never misses an opportunity to use a clean white wall, neutral tones with one to two maximum accent colours, meaningful painting, plant, wood and gold brass accents in her designs.

In Sara’s opinion, a few of the challenges presented to interior designers from delivery to project completion are selling ideas and introducing them to clients, managing the time, setting boundaries and satisfying clients expectations all along. Agreeing that complex projects require management across teams of professionals in various related sectors that contribute to the built environment, Sara considers that good and constant communication between designer and team is a major challenge to smooth operation in this context. “ It is the golden key here!” 

Of course , the whole team should work towards the same goal, understand each other and tackle issues that may occur along the way, as all this would ensure smooth operation of each project, whether it is large or small.

Sara is adamant about the use of eco-sustainable materials in the actuation of her designs. She reiterates that Green Design does not only have economic benefits but also environmental and in health. In fact it is proven, that eco-sustainable materials contribute to human health, happiness and overall better quality of life. She is also confident that more eco-friendly products will continue to be available locally over time.

In reflecting on the state of the built environment in Malta, she ruefully says, “I have managed to take couple of photos without a crane in the background so that's a good thing"

On a more serious note, Sara has nothing against the new construction drive happening on the Island, but she would love to see buildings that are simply not “ squeezed blocks of apartments which seem to appear unfinished”. Referring to the green open spaces, she adds that “nothing beats nature, which is unfortunately slowly being taken away from us”.  In reflecting on the future of the profession of interior design, Sara is confident that it is growing! 

Nowadays, people are keener to seek the services of an interior designer because they are more aware of the profession and have realised the importance of living and working in comfortable, welcoming and aesthetically beautiful surroundings. “Perhaps the pandemic spearheaded it”!


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