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Dino Fino Home + Contract announced the launch of ARCLINEA kitchens

On 23 June, Dino Fino Home + Contract announced the launch of ARCLINEA kitchens exclusively represented in Malta. was invited to this presentation. The event was presented by Dino Fino and architect Rune Bo Jakobsen, an artist exhibiting some of his work in the showroom.

ARCLINEA Dino Fino home kitchens malta interior design
Form and Function are what drives ARCLINEA kitchens

ARCLINEA kitchens are Italian statement kitchens with a mix of different contrasting materials

available. These kitchens make optimal use of the available space available with clever hacks

and space-saving or usage solutions, a sliding cover over the sink becomes an additional work surface, a glass display cabinet doubles up as an extractable work surface with hidden electrical sockets. Various additional solutions serve up to keep your kitchen tidy and organised. A foot rest on the island (as seen in the showroom model) makes for good leg and back support too, admittedly the first time I have seen a new kitchen mode locally with this feature. Small details, but details that add up for a comfortable and practical kitchen in terms of usage and organisation.

ARCLINEA kitchens are aesthetically appealing to today's lifestyle with clean modern lines, and minimalist style, and if adapted to the design they can also evoke an industrial look thanks to the steel options available, one can go from vintage stainless steel to PVD bronze stainless steel and more. ARCLINEA kitchens have the creative influence of designer Antonio Citterio who states,

“from the start, I wanted to apply design to shapes as well as to the concept of space not solely dedicated to the preparation of food and to the dining table but also to the conduction of other living functions”.

ARCLINEA Dino Fino home kitchens malta interior design
Small details such as a foot rest on the island adds to comfort

Upon viewing and feeling the furniture you immediately become absorbed in the quality this brand provides, and how beautifully it integrates into open spaces, not remaining merely ‘the kitchen area’, but amalgamating into the interiors as a whole.

ARCLINEA Dino Fino home kitchens malta interior design

The model on display at Dino Fino Home + Contract uses Bronze Stainless Steel base cabinets, contrasted with a heavy statement Calacatta countertop, and tall cabinets in an NTF Fossil Oak finish with a touch of glass. Although not too contrasting as a choice of finishes in terms of the Oak and Bronze, the final look is a soft and subtle combination. The showroom model's wow factor would be the extractor hood, which is made from the same Bronze Stainless steel as the base cabinets, not too common to find or see locally.

ARCLINEA Dino Fino home kitchens malta interior design

Stainless steel comes with its own maintenance, and if you have a busy household then steel may not be the option for you, purely due to the fingerprint marks that are well known to be visible with usage, same as glass, there is a compromise one must do, function vs practicality vs aesthetics. Don't be disheartened by the showroom model’s Stainless Steel finish, which depicts ARCLINEA’s glory, a staff member of the Dino Fino Home + Contract showroom or your interior designer will guide you towards the right model and finishes for you.

ARCLINEA Dino Fino home kitchens malta interior design Kristine Bonnici
Dino Fino and Interior Designer Kristine Bonnici


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